ST PETERS LETTINGS -   St Peters Property Management Ltd
     WELCOME  !                                    
      Dear Landlords
    If you currently own or intend to purchase residential property for rental in SOUTHAMPTON , You should consider
engaging our property management service . You will find
it  both  professional and cost- effective. As we are specialists,
we  know how  to manage  property for optimum performance,
whilst  ensuring  smooth  running  tenancies,and compliance
with the various landlord & tenant  laws.
  Our Letting & Management Service includes :
 1.   Visiting you at your property , and providing a rental
        valuation and any other advice which you may require
        about letting your property .
 2.   Advising you on compliance with the various safety
 3.   Locating suitable tenants. Your property will be
       advertised if necessary , however we have excellent 
        contacts with various company and other establishment
       personnel departments,and futhermore usually have 
       tenants waiting .
 4.   Accompanying tenant applicants to view the property.
 5.   Obtaining and evaluating references and credit checks.
 6.   Preparing  a  suitable  tenancy agreement and arranging
        signature by the tenant.
 7.  Collecting a  tenancy deposit which will be treated    
        in accordance with current legislation.
 8.   Preparing an inventory and schedule of condition.
 9.   Checking the tenant into the property and agreeing the
10. Supervising the transfer of gas, electricity and council tax
        accounts into the tenant,s  name .
11. Receiving rental payments monthly in advance, and paying
       you promptly, together with a detailed statement from
       our computerised management system.
12. If  required paying regular outgoings for you from rental
13. Inspecting the property periodically , and reporting any
       problems to you.
14. Arranging any necessary repairs or maintenance, first
       liaising with you in case of larger works.
15. Keeping in touch with the tenant on a routine basis, and
       arranging  renewals of the agreement as necessary.
16. Checking tenants out as required, reletting and continuing
       the proces with the minimum of vacant periods to ensure
       that you receive the the optimum return from your
   We  maintain a flexible attitude, and may be able to adapt
   our service  if  required to meet our client's  individual
   circumstances and needs.
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